Staff Picks


Crown Royal Regal Apple

If you are an apple lover, this drink is for you. You can immediately smell the apple aromas as soon as you open the bottle. It can be served on the rocks, at room temperature or adding your favorite mixer. I personally enjoy drinking mine with cranberry juice. CHEERS!!


Howe Sound In & Brewing Company – King Heffy Imperial Heffweizen

Like many craft beer drinkers, I cut my teeth on lighter brews such as Pale Ales, Blondes, Bocks and plenty of Wheat offerings from various breweries from the states and abroad. However, over time the craving for these has been surpassed by that of Imperial Stouts, Double IPAs and Barely Wine. The thought of purchasing anything associated with wheat beer is rare and fleeting. This is by far the most favorable beer I have had thus far. It has a nice incorporation of fruit and  spice. It is neither too heavy or too soft.

Even if your infatuation with wheat based beers has long faded, I highly recommend giving King Heffy a try.



Quady Electra Red

If you are into sweet wines, especially moscatos, then do not miss out on Electra Red. This is by far one of the sweetest and best tasting moscatos on the market. Electra Red has rich flavors that will hit your palate with thoughts of dark fruits like cherries and raspberries. This California wine is a can’t miss that will have you back for more.